Numi President at Tea Farm

Where your tea comes from matters

Our journey to bring you the purest teas, herbs, and spices begins at the farm level

Our Sourcing Model

Like any living thing, tea is a product of its environment. Climate, soil, and the care and attention of farmers all influence the quality of tea. That’s why strong farmer relationships—some of them decades long—are the foundation of our sourcing model. Numi sources 130+ organic ingredients from more than 34 countries around the world, and we can trace over 85% back to the farm level. We travel to many of these farms several times a year.

Partnering with Farmers

Our supplier partnerships are grounded in gratitude, collaboration, and mutual respect. We aim to create opportunities for global tea farmers to thrive. Organic certification, Fair Trade Certification, and Fair Labor Verification add an additional layer of support and transparency to our sourcing standards, allowing us to bring you the most trusted, clean and beautifully produced ingredients available.

Why Organic Tea?

Pure Ingredients

Fuller Leaf Quality