White tea with rose petals, an orange peel, fresh tea leaves, chocolate shavings, vanilla beans, a spoon of black tea, and a brewed cup of puerh tea in a wooden cup.

What Tea Should Taste Like

Through thoughtful sourcing designed to let ingredients shine, we bring you some of the finest teas on the planet

Numi president and tea farm partner walk through a tea garden

Traceability and Transparency

Pure ingredients start at the farm. The Numi team travels to tea farms around the world to source our ingredients and build partnerships.

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Brewed cup of tea, fresh tea leaves, chamomile flower, rose petals, ginger root, liccorice, and turmeric powder

Pure ingredients. No Compromise.

We craft our blends with only 100% real fruits, flowers, and spices–no “natural” or artificial flavors that can mask poor quality tea.

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Hands holding fresh organic tea in a tea garden.

Why Organic Tea?

Organic certification is especially important when it comes to tea. The first time tea comes into contact with water is when it steeps in our cups.

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Organic black tea, gunpowder green, matcha toasted rice, and white rose tea ingredient piles surround a cup of brewed tea.

Fuller Leaf Quality

Fuller leaf teas steep slowly and evenly for a smooth, rich flavor without any bitterness.

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