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Regenerating the Planet

Through sustainable choices, we can create lasting positive impact for the planet and each other

Compostable Plant-Based Tea Wrappers

Designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, our compostable* tea bag wrappers are made from renewable resources. We use sustainably grown FSC® certified paper lined with sugarcane-based Non-GMO PLA and metalized eucalyptus. These plant-based materials ensure complete disintegration and no eco-toxicity when they break down.

*Commercially compostable/ASTM D6868 compliant. 3rd party certification in progress


Climate Neutral Certified

We’re proud to be Climate Neutral. This means we measure, offset and reduce our annual emissions footprint.

Carbon Offsets

Our carbon offsets support biodiversity, forest conservation, and community development in the Amazon Rainforest.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Through thoughtful packaging choices, Numi annually conserves:


3,800,000 gallons water


2,200 BTUs Energy


3,000 Trees


310,000 lbs. of Landfill

Impact estimates from

OSC2 Packaging Collaborative

Numi co-founded this collaborative to find compostable alternatives to petroleum-based plastic packaging.

The Climate Collaborative

Leveraging the power of the natural products industry, we work with other brands to fight climate change.

Fair Trade & Beyond

Numi Foundation

Together for H2OPE