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What is Tea Without Water?

Together for H2OPE is a nonprofit program bringing clean, safe drinking water to tea farming communities around the world

Access to Clean Water is a Necessity

844 million people around the world lack access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s why we’ve partnered with our global farming communities to ensure access by building or repairing water and sewage infrastructure and administering community-led education. Together for H2OPE is a unique program because it’s led by the farmers and their communities, with long-term plans to maintain water access for future generations.

The Impact


10,500 people with clean water access in Madagascar & India


23 wells constructed serving 4,000 people


2 community-led sanitation programs implemented

Together for H2OPE: Madagascar

The first Together for H2OPE initiative impacted our turmeric farming community in Madagascar, who experienced clean, safe drinking water for the first time in their lives. During a 2015 visit to their farms, we learned the community was suffering chronic illness from the contaminated drinking water they relied on. This project brought 4,000 farmers and their families 23 new wells, plus community-led education in well repair and water sanitation.

Together for H2OPE: India

In partnership with local farmers and the Women’s Earth Alliance, Numi Foundation is deeply engaged in a campaign to foster healthy sanitation practices at the largest organic Fair Trade tea estate in India, where most of our black teas are grown. Through this initiative, we’ve connected over 6,500 families to clean, safe drinking water. Our work over the past two years has led to an 80% decrease in water-borne illness and a 90% decrease in work and school absenteeism.

Together for H2OPE: South Africa

In South Africa, Numi Foundation brought running water to the small-scale, organic rooibos farm we have worked with since our company’s founding. We drilled a well, bringing clean, safe water at home to workers and their families for the very first time. The project also brought toilets, showers, and a rooftop solar hot water heater to this community.

Fair Trade & Beyond

Regenerating the Planet


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It all boils down to water. It all boils down to us.

Your support helps bring clean water and sanitation to tea farming communities around the world.