Numis Fair Trade Funds have helped build a school for our tea garden community in china L1

Fair Trade & Beyond

Our Fair Trade CertifiedTM and Verified Fair LaborTM products let you vote with your dollars for a more just and equitable world

Fair Trade CertifiedTM

Numi is proud to be a leading purchaser of Fair Trade CertifiedTM tea. The farmers who grow our tea democratically vote to determine how Fair Trade Premiums are used in their communities. Fair Trade funds have been used for a range of programs including roads, cooking stoves, mosquito nets, new schools, college scholarships, maternity benefits, and onsite medical staff. To date, Numi has contributed more than $1 million in Fair Trade Premiums.


Verified Fair LaborTM

Where Fair Trade isn’t available or additional support is needed, our Verified Fair LaborTM certification offers a continuous improvement program audited annually by a third party. Growers must be certified organic, ensuring workers are safe from harmful chemicals. The program fosters direct partnerships and encourages brand holders to have a direct role in the social development of their supply chain, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions.

Founding B Corporation

Numi was one of the first 30 companies to be certified as a B Corporation in 2006. Certified B Corps are purpose-driven companies that create benefit for shareholders, employees, their community, and the environment.

Regenerating the Planet

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